How you can support Tuiniqua

Care Centre Membership

You don’t have to be a resident to enjoy all the services and activities Tuiniqua has to offer. By becoming a member for a very low fee of R35 per month you can receive discounts on meals in our dining room, make use of our laundry facilities, use our hair salon, therapy room and foot clinic.

Service Centre Code of Conduct

The Tuiniqua Care Centre is a community-based organization that manages a Service

Centre with the following VISION: “Happy, safe and independent older persons.”

Adopt a Granny

We have many residents at Tuiniqua that either do not have family or whose family has moved overseas. We have started an initiative whereby members of the George community and local business owners can ‘Adopt a Granny/Grandpa’.

Bequest Program

Bequests are gifts made in your will to family members, friends, employees and charities.


Volunteers play a vital part in achieving the goals of Tuiniqua Care Centre. 

We can, however, never have enough staff to provide the personal touch that is so important in the lives of every resident entrusted to our care. Therefore, the input of the volunteer in daily operational activities is so extremely important. Volunteer strengthens our hands and increases the quality of the services we offer. At the same time, we trust that the volunteer experience will enrich the lives of our volunteers and that they will feel the benefit of being involved in a meaningful experience that makes a difference in the life of another human being.

There are a wide variety of fields in which a community member can become involved with, such as friendly visits, reading and walking with residents, presenting entertainment (for example singing, dancing etc), teaching new skills, giving appropriate exercise classes, fundraising and many more. If you are interested you are welcome to schedule an appointment with our service centre coordinator, Annelie Bennet on 044 874 5760 and find out more!

Volunteers Policy

To ensure that volunteers understand their role and function, and that programs remain within statutory guidelines, these policies have been compiled.

Application Form

The nature of Tuiniqua Care Centre means that volunteers are used in, inter alia, involvement in Service Center Programs and Administration.

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