Professional Services

What We Offer

Here at Tuiniqua we aim to provide services that are essential to older persons and this unique phase of life. By providing on-site professional services such as Clinic services, a registered Doctor, social worker and registered nurses we are able to allow our residents a fully independent lifestyle with the support and advice that these professionals are able to provide around the clock.

Become a Volunteer and join us!

Volunteers play a vital part in achieving the goals of Tuiniqua Care Centre. 

There are a wide variety of fields in which a community member can become involved with, such as friendly visits, reading and walking with residents

Professional Services Available at Tuiniqua

Clinic Services

The primary purpose of our clinic services is to provide home care for elderly residents and service centre members in their own environment and home.

Social Worker

The services of a social worker, who is registered with the SACSSP (South African Council for Social Service Professions) are available to all members

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